Pratt & Whitney Headquarters - East Hartford, CT

The above project is located at the existing Pratt and Whitney world headquarters in East Hartford, CT. The new Headquarters and Engineering facility encompassed 65 acres and included pulverizing 93,000 square yards of existing asphalt, removal of existing utilities and structures, 70,000 cubic yards of earthmoving, 7,700 l.f. of drainage installation, installation of 140 drain manholes and catch basins, installation of new sanitmy sewer and pump station, installation of new water lines, installation of new electric/telephone manholes and conduit, installation of 230 light poles bases and bollards, preparation and fine grade of the new 110,000 square foot building, install over 65,000 square feet of concrete sidewalks, preparation and installation of over 1,000,000 square feet of bituminous concrete pavement, Installation of27,000 l.f. of precast concrete curb and granite curb, installation of ornamental fencing, landscaping, irrigation and pavers.

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