United Technologies Research Center CARA Project - East Hartford, CT

Northeast Contractors, Inc. completed site work for the new UTRC CARA Renovation & Expansion in East Haiiford, CT. This project constructed a new 2 story building expansion with a footprint of about 30,000 square feet, as well as existing facility renovations, located within a 17-acre plot of land that was previously used as parking with landscaping for the existing campus employees.

The project was completed over the course of 18 months, allowing part of the existing facility to operate while under construction. Re-location of the existing underground utilities was required in order to enable the new building footprint to be constructed.

The project included approximately 26,000 cubic yards of eaiih moving, 9,000 linear feet of below grade utility installation, including storm drainage, sewer, water and electrical, and over 310,000 square feet of paving, sidewalks, and hardscapes. Also included in the site work were over 11,000 feet of new curbing, as well as 1,600 feet of new fencing and guardrail, and over 400,000 square feet of landscaping.