MGM Casino - Springfield, MA

This project was a fast track site improvement project which consisted of installing all site improvements for the new MGM Casino. This work consisted of constructing all Pavers, Landscaping, Planters, fencing and curbing on the roof deck Lanai area, Roof Pool deck area and Roof Conference deck area.

Also included were all ground level site improvements along Main Street, Union Street, Bliss Street, MGM Way, State Street, Howard Street East, Howard Street West, The Main Plaza Area, The Market Place are and Davinci Park. The site work encompassed 10,000 cubic yards of soils disposal to landfill, all preparation and bituminous paving of streets, all standard sidewalks, colored concrete sidewalks, stamped concrete sidewalks, all pavers, new concrete seat walls and concrete planter walls, new concrete foundations and walls at the refurbished Atm01y and First Church, all landscaping and irrigation, all new yard drains and piping, new site lighting, new ornamental fencing and all site furnishings. 

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Northeast Contractors, Inc. completed the utility relocations and the mass earthmoving at the Gillette Stadium for the New England Patriots in Foxborough, MA
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Northeast Contractors, Inc. completed the site work for the Lakeview Amphitheater project for Onondaga County in Syracuse, NY.  The project began in January 2015 and was completed in August of 2015. 
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